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What are the most frequent allergens that tested positive in allergy testings?

According to a hit list of allergens compiled by the German Surveillance System of Dermatological Hospitals (Interessenverbund der dermatologischen Kliniken - IVDK) the following substances are the most frequent triggers of allergies (evaluation of 9676 tests in the year 2000):

Nickel sulfate 15,5%
Duftstoff-Mix (fragrance mix) 10,5%
Balsam of Peru 8,8%
Thiomersal 7,4%
Cobalt chloride 5,4%
Woolwax alcohols 4,2%
Colophony 4,2%
MDBGN(Dibromodicyanobutane)* 4,2%
p-Phenylendiamine 4,1%
Potassium dichromate 3,5%
Thiuram-Mix 2,5%
(Chlor-)Methylisothiazolinone* 2,3%
Neomycine sulfate 2,3%
Mercury(II) amide chloride 2,2%
Terpentine (tee tree oil) 2,1%
Formaldehyde* 1,8%
Propolis 1,8%
Bufexamac 1,4%
Benzocaine 1,4%
Epoxy resin 1,2%
Cetearylalcohol 1,2%
Paraben-mix* 1,2%

*) preservatives in cosmetics, among others
Source: Ärztliche Praxis - Dermatologie (5), Sept.-Oct. 2001, p. 30

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